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Download of Cloud_cci v2.0 datasets

(1) Select product level  (L3U image browser - opens in new window)

Fig. Overview of Cloud_cci datasets and the time
periods they cover. enlarge

Pixel level data (Level 2) - native satellite projection and resolution  
Daily subsampled data (Level L3U) - global 0.05° or Europe 0.02° lat/lon grid  
Monthly mean and histogram data (Level 3C) - global 0.5° lat/lon grid  
(2) Select dataset and date
(Colour coding: 0505: online, data available as direct download  |  0505: offline, data can be ordered)
 AVHRR-AM dataset (morning satellites)
 MODIS-Aqua/Terra datasets
 MERIS+AATSR dataset
 AVHRR-PM dataset (afternoon satellites)
 MODIS-Aqua/Terra datasets (Europe)
 ATSR2-AATSR datasets
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